Sarah Hyndman is an educator and public speaker who works with exciting clients. She creates immersive events for mainstream audiences, innovative workshops that challenge assumptions and fun talks with lashings of audience participation. She is a published author who explores typography and fonts as cultural codes and researches how letterforms interact with all the senses. She is on a mission to make typography fun and engaging for everybody and to create positive change.





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Discover how language can connect with your audience on an instinctive level, the codes you can use to tell the story of your brand, and how harnessing all the senses can make your message more memorable.

Understand how the look of your words makes a first impression and communicates your unique story. It’s not about kerning, it’s the impression typefaces/fonts make on the subconscious. Would you like to find out more?

Events & exhibitions / Public speaking / Workshops & teaching / Published writing / Clients

Type Tasting is an innovative type studio created by graphic designer and author Sarah Hyndman. Whether you’re a newcomer or an expert she’ll show you how to use typography to create authentic brand stories, give you insights into the psychology of communication, and invite you to take part in thought-provoking multi-sensory experiments.

Type Tasting Case Study: British Academy installation and Lates

Case study: British Academy

Pride, Prejudice & Perceptions at the British Academy, a collaboration with AVM Curiosities.

Type Tasting Case Study: D&AD Festival masterclass

Case study: D&AD masterclass

A masterclass with pre-talk experiments for the D&AD Festival at Shoreditch House.

Type Tasting Case Study: Glug Birmingham talk

Case study: talk at Glug Birmingham

An interactive talk that turned the spotlight on the audience at Glug Birmingham.



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