MAY 2019

Sarah Hyndman gives mainstream and design audiences an entertaining look at human behaviour; from the idiosyncrasies of how the brain makes decisions, to the first impressions we form that alter what we taste or smell.

She shows that a font is not a font — it’s an idea, a smell, a song, a memory, a personality, a warning, a taste, a seduction… When we read, we generally look past the type to focus on the experience it describes, unaware of the assumptions that we make that alter those experiences. Sarah shows that typefaces reveal cultural codes and changing tastes, which she’s been researching and quantifying for the last few years. She gives insights into her mass participation experiments; from the surprising discoveries to the fails (and what these have taught her). Sarah believes that we should all aim to make the world a better place, and that having a better understanding of how we communicate with each other is vital to creating change.