Case study: British Academy Lates

Lates event
Pride, Prejudice & Perceptions: book tastings
British Academy

Pride, Prejudice and Perceptions is an interactive sensory exploration of Jane Austen’s Pride & Prejudice, presented as an interactive installation and Lates event. Taking inspiration from the typography found in three editions of this classic novel, Pride, Prejudice & Perceptions uses type, sound, sight and scent to serve one story three ways.

Three tastings were created for guests of the Lates event for them to experience as they arrived for the evening of talks and concerts.

1813 | Classic | Vol. I
Activity: printing studio.
Use the letter stamps and ink pads supplied
to print your own bookmark.

1894 | Opulent | Vol. II
Tasting: rhubarb and rose creams.
A sweet and heady taste of the Victorian Era. Floral and fruity in equal measure, the velvety mouth-feel and saccharine sweetness of these classic creams make these evocative of the florid opulence of the late 1800s. Limited-edition confectionery created by AVM Curiosities.

2009 | Comic (Pride & Prejudice & Zombies | Vol. III
Game: medical screening.
You will be scanned with a UV light. If the sticker you were given on arrival glows, this indicates that you have come into contact with a zombie (or ‘unmentionable’). To ensure the infection does not cause permanent transformation you will be prescribed a daily dose of

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Photos of guests by David Owens.