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BBC Away Day breakout sessions

Don't believe the type for BBC Bristol
Corporate away day break out sessions
3 x 1-hour sessions, 40–50 per group

A series of break out sessions that took place during the annual BBC Bristol producers’ away day. The themes of the day were change and evolving identity, these gave attendees a forum to discuss the major changes planned for the future of the organisation.

The brief for each session was to communicate the important role design/typography plays in creating effective communication materials: from programme proposals to creating series identities. To demonstrate the significance of this both within the business and to wider BBC audiences, at a time when the organisation faces increasingly commercial demands.

The break out sessions had the title of 'Who do you font you are?’ Participants were taken through a fast-paced series of interactive games and demonstrations designed to surprise them by showing that they are often more influenced by typography and branding than they realise.

There was a noisy game of Type Karaoke, followed by pairing smells with fonts (ongoing Type Tasting research); the high correlation in the results is an eye-opening demonstration that we 'read' with all of our senses. The Price is Right game asked each group to order typefaces from cheap to expensive by shouting “higher” and “lower”; they discovered that their answers matched the results of over 3,000 people previously surveyed in the UK and the US.

Each session culminated in a lively typeface personality game, and each participant found out what their choice of font says about them.

“Clever, insightful and original, Sarah manages to creatively present her expertise and knowledge, engaging junior staff to senior managers. She left a lasting buzz and excitement behind her!” CHARLOTTE GODFREY, BBC BRISTOL

“Sarah converted even the most cynical to the power of the fonts.” MIKE BRODY, BBC BRISTOL