Type and sound workshop

Using all of the senses, tactile exploration, trial and error, experimenting with materials allow us to think creatively and fully develop an idea rather than taking a short cut to a slick and polished result. Often it’s the happy accidents that lead to the most interesting outcomes.

In this workshop sound is used as a stimuli for creative thinking and idea generation in a series of fast-paced activities that place the focus on the process of creativity.

Sound alphabets
Participants produce letterforms in response to sounds selected to evoke different moods. The qualities of the sounds form the structure of the final alphabets, showing that sound can be a creative stimuli.

Drawing the voice
Participants create visually phonetic thumbnail sketches of a phrase spoken in different tones of voice, these function like typographic scores for the voice. As a quick sketching exercise, this enabled them to effectively explore a range of options.

Visualising an iconic quote
For the final project participants put on headphones and listened to an iconic quote from a famous movie. These were audio clips so participants could respond to the sound without visual distractions. Participants created a composition using typography and hand-lettering that communicated the mood and tone of the quote.

Interbrand Type and Sound workshop

Feedback from type and sound workshops:

“Hugely enjoyed the Typography & Sound workshop. Highly recommend to any designer that wants to get away from the mac” Jill Murphy, graphic designer.

“I really enjoyed the workshop. It was fun, challenging, and nice to get my hands dirty with the markers, inks and glue. Sarah is insightful, motivating, and gives useful tips for expanding creativity.” Scott Scanlan, graphic designer.

“The workshops are like Blue Peter heaven ... listening, thinking, cutting, sticking, learning, colouring in! I loved all the looking at things sideways, diving in and surprising myself by what I made. Joy!” Catherine Hennessy, architect and artist.