Type Tasting x WGSN fight club certificate
Type Tasting personality wheel

WGSN Fight Club workshop

A 90 minute bespoke personality type masterclass for for international trend forecasting agency WGSN’s professional development ‘Fight Club’ series.

This was a fun session created for staff across all departments to demonstrate the importance of understanding how to use visual language effectively in today’s information age.

The masterclass began with pre-session experiments, and was interactive throughout as participants explored the personalities of typefaces, type and perceived value, type and cognitive load, and created Dada-inspired typographic compositions for social media.

Bespoke elements included an analysis activity exploring the value of typographic consistency across touchpoints to create a coherent brand voice.

“Really interesting – like a mini TED talk with activities”

“I can’t stress how good it was to be taken out of my comfort zone and learn something that does, actually, impact our work quite a bit. It was also really really good fun”

“Wasn’t sure how relevant a session on fonts would be to me. BUT I was so wrong! I use my own fonts on social media posts, presentations and on my agendas and I realise now that they do actually make a big difference. I will definitely start branching out and experimenting with different fonts from now on. A very valuable and fun session”

“The trainer was absolutely amazing! Such an interesting person who is obviously so passionate about what she does. Lots of short activities to figure things out for ourselves. Very interactive, loved all the visual elements and the games”