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Typography is the interface between consumer and what is consumed. Type is at the intersection of anticipation and experience, yet we generally pay little attention to it. Instead, we look past it to the experience it describes, unaware of the assumptions we have formed and the choices we have made based on the look of the words.


Having a better understanding of this empowers brands to communicate more effectively, gives us tools to create positive behaviour change, and enables us all to make better-informed choices. Discovering this through games and demonstrations is lots of fun!

Combining type and semiotics with new ideas in science and design underpins Sarah’s approach. She creates exciting and original workshops and events that reveal the power of typography, highlight the language of social culture or tell the story of a brand.

“Absolutely amazing! Lots of activities to figure things out for ourselves. Very interactive, loved the visual elements and the games” adidas / “Brilliantly delivered and such a clever structure that engaged us all” D&AD / “Wasn’t sure how relevant a session on fonts would be to me. BUT I was so wrong!” WGSN


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A 30-minute interactive talk makes a great client conversation starter, read a review here

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