Exhibitions & interactive displays

Sarah Hyndman creates exhibitions and displays that invite the audience to interact with type and all the senses. Her unique and innovative approach to typography places it in the sphere of everyday experiences.

British Academy

British Academy

A collaboration with AVM Curiosities. Taking inspiration from the typography found in three editions of a classic novel, Pride, Prejudice & Perceptions uses type, sound, sight and scent to serve one story three ways.

Installation and Lates event for the British Academy’s Literature Week.

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Wellcome workshop

Wellcome Collection

Participants are presented with a selection of typefaces and asked to respond to them viscerally: what might they convey about how a person feels, do they feel well or ill, how severe are the symptoms, what might they prescribe as a treatment?

An interactive installation to accompany Wellcome’s ‘Can Graphic Design Save Your Life?’ exhibition.

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