Mass participation workshops

Sarah Hyndman works with a team to create mass participation workshops in which delegates create a piece that is added to a display, which grows throughout the duration of the event.

This creates a focal point with visual impact and is highly shareable on social media. The workshop can tie in with the theme of the conference and Sarah can reference it in her presentation.

Sarah is a regular public speaker, and recent workshops have taken place at conferences where she is also a speaker.

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Toronto, London, Helsinki
Speaker and workshop curator

This drop-in workshop is linked to content in the talk that Sarah delivers during the conference.

Participants select a typeface that reflects their personality and they customise it to create their own ‘font selfie’. Their letter is added to the display that grows throughout the event to create an exciting collection of typographic self-portraits. Participants also have the opportunity to take part in Sarah’s ongoing typeface personality research.

Font Selfie workshops:
Design Thinkers, Toronto
Victoria and Albert.
Museum for the London Design Festival, London.
Vuoden Huiput Festival, Helsinki, Finland.


Design Thinkers Toronto
Speaker and workshop curator

Delegates at the conference were asked to consider the physical and edible qualities of typefaces and to invent a recipe to convey these. The aim was to engage participants to think about fonts in an unusual and fun way, which prompted lots of lively conversations both in person and on social media. This project is linked to Sarah’s research into type and all the senses, and was referenced in the talk she gave at the Design Thinkers Toronto conference.

Monotype sponsored the Typographic Banquet workshop at Design Thinkers Toronto.


Pick Me Up at Somerset House, London

Participants have a selection of letters based on the typefaces designed by Louis John Pouchée in the 1800s. His original letters featured images of Victorian life from farmyard scenes to masonic iconography. For this workshop they brought the letters up to date or personalised them with motifs from modern life and contemporary materials.

Victoria and Albert Museum

Victoria and Albert Museum for the London Design Festival

Participants chose a word to complete the phrase “London is…” that reflects creativity in London. They recreated their word in a style that reflected the word’s meaning either in advance or during drop-in workshops that took place throughout the weekend.

This exciting event was developed to encourage hands-on creativity away from the computer, to create a shared social activity, and to give everybody the opportunity to have their work exhibited in a major museum. All the words were displayed at the V&A, and both workshop days were documented with live lettering by Oli Frape and Ruth Rowland.

Pieces were created for the exhibition by high profile figures including Ralph Steadman and Alan Kitching.

South by Southwest

South by Southwest (SXSW), Austin, Texas

Participants customised letters from a range of templates taken from signage around the world and represented both local and global typography trends. This demonstrated that typography on signage reflects the history of an area and creates its typographic DNA.

Sarah was invited to run this drop-in workshop at South by Southwest.

Victoria and Albert Museum, Typographic Time Machine

Victoria and Albert Museum for the London Design Festival

Participants decorated letters from different eras in time. A typeface captures the spirit of when it was designed and is a permanent record of that moment in time. In this way typefaces document social history and chart developments in technology. Type can transport you to an imagined nostalgia that­ you may not have experienced first-hand, but which has become real to you through the experience of film and television.

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Photos by David Owens, Graham Sturt and Jonathan Cherry.

Photos by David Owens, Graham Sturt and Jonathan Cherry.