Innovative tastings, breakout sessions with games and activities, or mass participation creative events are designed as stand-alone events, or as experience sessions as part of a conference or festival programme. These can range from providing an entertaining evening for clients and staff, to the press launch of a new product.

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Also see: Installations / Workshops

Type Tasting events: Tastings


A tasting serves up a theme through a series of courses, that take type as the starting point. A course is either an activity, game, smell, sound, taste, drink or cocktail. Guests are taken on a multisensory journey that reveals a story or a theme, accompanied by a menu to mark the event.

A tasting can accompany an installation, workshop or talk.

* Brand new tasting events launched at the London Design Festival 2018 *

Wine & Type Tastings
2018 trend tasting
British Academy Lates
Fantastical time travelling type safari

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Type Tasting events: Games and activities

Pop-up Typography Lab
Games, activities & experiments

Fun and interactive breakout sessions that give a taster of the Type & Perception workshops. These featuring innovative games, activities and experiments with fun props and styling. This session will prompt conversations and encourage visitors to relax and engage. A bespoke session can be created to tell the story of your brand or product.

Ideal as an engaging pre/post talk session or as a breakout/warmup session at a conference or festival.

Vinyl type
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Pop-up Typography Lab

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Type Tasting events: Mass participation

Mass participation

A drop-in mass participation creative activity on a type-based theme in which participants produce visuals that are added to a growing display. This is ideal for a large event or conference, and is easily extended to social media.

Mass participation events:
Design Thinkers Toronto: Font selfies & edible type.
V&A: Typographic time machine
South by Southwest (SxSW): Global lettering workshop
Pick Me Up: Display type

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Event photos by David Owens