Pop-up Typography Lab

What might fonts smell like? What memories do they store? Are these collective memories or personal associations?

Pop-up Typography Lab

Participants are invited to take part in typographic research in the mobile Type Tasting pop-up typography lab. The experiments are designed to gather data, and also to encourage them to think differently about typefaces and perception as they take part.

Sarah is working on an ongoing project to create typographic interventions and to explore the potential for using type and language to create positive behaviour change.

“I was absolutely blown away. It was just awesome taking part in experiments and listening to really cool theories about type” Daisy, student

“The multi-sensory experiments turned typography on its head” Natalie, designer

The Pop-up Typography Lab has appeared at:

Birmingham Design Festival

D&AD Festival

Ecole Intuit Lab, Mumbai

Letterheads London

Stoke Newington Literary Festival

Tate Modern Bookshop

Victoria & Albert Museum for the London Design Festival

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Photos by Ida Riverosir, Lynda Murray and David Owens.