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We’ll work with you to deliver an exciting event for clients or staff in a venue of your choice. We can create bespoke tastings to fit your theme, tell the story of a moment in time, product or event. Each course is an activity, game, smell, sound, taste or drink, with props and audience participation.

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Gin & Type Tasting
Type is a barometer of social change

How do you show that typography is a barometer of political and social change? Pair it with a product steeped in history like gin and show how entwined their stories are: from Dutch Genever and imported type to Helvetica, martinis and Modernism.

“It was a fantastic evening full of fascinating new facts, tasty & unusual gins”, “Brilliant evening”, “Sublime and crazy tall tales from the past”

We create bespoke tastings on a theme that tell the story of a product, event or immerse the audience in a moment in time.

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Wine & Type Tasting
Do you judge a wine by its label?

How do you demonstrate the power of type and perception in an entertaining and informative format? Invite guests to a wine tasting in which they discover that a label is not just there to inform them, that it can transform their experience.

“A clever example of the influence of typeface … don’t worry; you don’t need to be a typography nerd” Digital Arts

“Frankly brilliant idea of combining a type workshop with a wine tasting” It’s Nice That

Heston Blumenthal demonstrates my round/jagged wine & type tasting experiment live on his podcast. Heston's Pod & Chips, listen from 28.09 onwards.

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Disruptors, Heretics, Propoganda, Sedition, Fake News & Revolutions
The Dystopian History of Type

How do you make the history of type exciting, fun and unforgettable, and show the parallels in history that mirror today’s social and political climate? Immerse the audience in an evening of storytelling, surprises and discovery with type and all the senses, to experience type/print on the front line during significant times of change.

“So unexpected but in all the right ways!” “Wonderful evening”, “A roaring success”.

Wine paired option available
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