Pre-talk activities

Engaging and thought-provoking activities are linked to the theme of a talk series or conference. These set the scene in an entertaining way; they energise the audience and prompt discussion by including the audience in the topic or theme from the outset.

Activities are suitable for a mainstream audience because type is an integral part of everyday life; from food packaging to the products we purchase that reflect our personalities, tastes and the things we enjoy.

Pre-talk games and demonstrations

Letterform Live

This is a pre-talk activity created for an evening of talks on the theme of ‘music’. Vinyl records had the labels replaced with a single letter in a typeface that hinted at the genre. Participants guessed what music genre they thought it was. They then put the record on the turntable and listened to it through headphones to find out.

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Grafik and ISTD with Monotype.

Letterform Live

This is a pre-talk activity created for an evening of talks on the theme of ‘experimental’. Sarah was one of the speakers at this Letterform Live event and presented her experiments with type and perception, including how lettering styles influence what we taste.

For this activity participants guess what flavour the jellybeans are from the typeface, and then open the package and eat them to discover what the real flavour is.

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Grafik and ISTD with Monotype.

Pre-talk games

Open Studios

Participants select their preferred coffee from a menu of typefaces. We then predict how the participants drink their coffee. Sarah has extensive results from online surveys and live events that enable her to make these predictions with a high degree of accuracy. Future events would ideally take place in collaboration with a barista who would serve the coffee to match the choice.

Ecole Intuit Lab, Mumbai

Students work with Sarah to create and host a series of pre-talk experiments and demonstrations based on what she has taught them during ‘typography week’. Sarah delivered the monthly Master Talk to the whole college and wider Mumbai design community. She spoke about her week teaching the students and included their work and insights in her presentation. Organising the students to host the pre-talk experiments is an effective way to involve them in the talk and to see first-hand the value of research.

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