Jonathan Cherry at Glug Birmingham

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Type Tasting founder Sarah Hyndman is a public speaker who appears regularly on the design talk circuit including Ampersand, Creative Mornings, Design Thinkers Toronto, Glug, Letterform Live, Nicer Tuesdays and Typo San Fransisco.

She has given a TEDx talk and recently spoke at Glug Birmingham, the photo above shows the audience finding out how dateable they are according to their choice of typeface.

Speaking alongside Sarah were Morag Myerscough, David Pearson, The Counter Press, Ian Barnard and Jim of Seven 9 Signs. The evening curated by the ebullient Luke Tonge, hosted by Inky Goodness and featured a brilliantly enthusiastic audience.

“Sarah is a fantastic speaker – she engages audiences with a brilliant mix of warmth, good humour and real insight into her subject matter – in which she is expert. She quickly warmed up a noisy crowd and had them eating out of her hand, everyone taking part (almost unheard of) and I only heard good things about her talk afterwards.” Luke Tonge, Glug Birmingham curator

“The audience erupted with laughter”, “Your talk was so inspiring”, “What was so funny? … the type face dating part. Brilliant idea!”, “The talk was so cool! Type psychology is super interesting”.


Day 6 special prize giveaway contains a selection of typographic and Type Tasting goodies. It also includes a limited edition screenprint using letters supplied by the Glug Bimingham speakers (below), and Boat magazine's sold-out London issue, both designed & typeset by Glug Birmingham curator Luke Tonge.
It also includes a signed copy of The Type Taster by Sarah Hyndman. This is the very limited first edition of Why Fonts Matter that is no longer in print.


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Limited edition Glug screen prints
Glug Birmingham
Letterform Live

Glug photos by Jonathan Cherry, final photo is of the post-talk questions at Letterform Live.

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