Reeves Dalston

Typographic life drawing and a journey through history


The typefaces and lettering styles found on the high street tells you a great deal about the social and historic development of an area, creating its own typographic DNA. Taking a closer look gives clues that can reveal the stories that make an area unique.

Type Tasting founder Sarah ran regular Type Safaris through Dalston in East London for five years, complete with themed snacks, props and quiz prizes. She has also led a type safari through record covers, and a tour of the drinks labels found in a pub.

Sarah now applies this successful formula to experiences and talks as she immerses you in an interactive journey through history.

Day 2 competition prizes:
This special prize giveaway contains a selection of typographic and Type Tasting goodies. It also includes a pair of tickets to one of the last ever public London Ghostsigns tours with Sam “Mr Ghostsigns” Roberts. He will take you on a tour of the painted signs from the past that are still visible today.

It also includes a signed copy of The Type Taster by Sarah Hyndman. This is the very limited first edition of Why Fonts Matter that is no longer in print.

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Dalston Type Safari giveaways
Dalston Type Safari
Dalston Type Safari