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When Sarah founded Type Tasting, she found that very little research has been done in the area of typefaces and perception, in contrast to the topic of legibility that has been comprehensively studied. As she gathered up information and conducted her own surveys she decided that it would be timely to make it available more widely by publishing it in a book.

This book takes the point of view of the type consumer, which is all of us. It is full of images and stories and is written for a mainstream audience, not specialist designers (there are plenty of brilliant books already on the market for designers).

The first edition was self-published as The Type Taster in 2015, a limited edition of 2,000 copies that came with 3D 'font goggles' and a choice of five different covers. Two thirds of the books were sold within six months of the publication date. The book was then picked up by Penguin/Random House and renamed Why Fonts Matter. It is now available around the world, and has even been translated into Chinese and Korean. It is a regular at the #1 spot in graphic design books on Amazon, and made it into the top ten bestelling books (nestled between Jamie and Davina) when Sarah appeared on Sunday Brunch.

Day 8 special prize giveaway to celebrate a self-published book now being available from major publishers around the world includes a signed copies of both the US edition (Gingko Press) and the Chinese edition of Why Fonts Matter, neither of which are available in the UK.

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Why Fonts Matter Korean translation
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