Making language visible

The innovative Type Tasting studio was founded in 2013 by Sarah Hyndman, an educator and public speaker who works with exciting clients.

We create immersive events for mainstream audiences, trailblazing workshops that challenge assumptions and fun talks with lashings of audience participation.

Sarah is a published author who explores multisensory typography and typefaces as cultural codes. Her mission is to use typography to create positive change.

Hidden messages in London’s typography
Workshop for public bookings

Type, perception & all the senses
Icebreaker and teambuilding

This is not a font
How typefaces impact memory & mood
Curiosity session

Pop-up typography lab
Tate Modern, Victoria & Albert Museum

Decoding type
Workshop for communications teams

Breakout sessions
D&AD Festival, Shoreditch House

Why Fonts Matter
Penguin/Random House

Font selfies
Austin, Helsinki, London, Toronto

Branding incubator sessions
For startups and entrepreneurs

Photos by David Owens, Viv Cherry and Nicole Gordon.



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