Interactive installations

Installations are filled with activities and clues that immerse participants in a journey through type and all the senses. Using type as the starting point to tell a story of a brand or product experience, participants are guided through interactions designed to inform, surprise, and incite their curiosity.

Lates and workshops
An installation can be accompanied by a Lates event with activities and a tasting; or a workshop that invites guests to get hands-on as they become a part of the discovery process.

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AVM Curiosities and Type Tasting present
Pride, Prejudice & Perceptions
British Academy
Installation and Lates event

An interactive sensory exploration of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice created in collaboration with AVM Curiosities. The typography found in editions of this classic novel gives each a different voice. Taking this as the template, the display will use type, sound, sight and scent to serve one story three ways.

Created for the British Academy's Literature Week 2017.

“A thoughtful and contemporary way of deconstructing Pride and Prejudice” Marisa Smith, The British Academy.

“Beautiful and so original, I could have spent hours looking at (and hearing and smelling) all the details” Tora Orde-Powlett, Penguin Books.

“Black lobster and Jane Austen—of course! And the aroma of the printing press mingled with violet and patchouli oil scented books, it is a sensory delight” Rosalind Freeborn, Camron PR.

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Props and styling

Bespoke materials are combined with props, pop culture ephemera, vintage scientific apparatus and typographic equipment to set the scene for curiosity and intrigue.