Wine and Gin Tastings with a Surprising and Immersive Twist

AIGA Eye on Design’s #1 pick for the London Design Festival 2018

“So unexpected but in all the right ways!”, “Brilliant evening”, “Sublime and crazy tall tales from the past”, “Wonderful evening”, “A roaring success”.

Gin & Type Tasting:
Storytelling with Gin

* Two nights only *
Tap & Bottle, Flat Iron Square
Hosted by Sarah Hyndman
7.00pm to 9.30pm, £40
Limited number of 2 tickets for £60 available
Sat 22nd September
Thurs 27th September

“It was a fantastic evening full of fascinating new facts, tasty and unusual gins”, “So unexpected but in all the right ways!”“Brilliant evening”.

This is an exciting and immersive event that breaks the rules of a traditional tasting. You will discover how the stories of gin and type are inextricably entwined through trade routes, continental rivalries, the tumultuous history of printing and cultural movements.

From the early days of imported Dutch Jenever and the Dutch typefaces that influenced William Caslon, to the minimalist and refined 1950s styles of Mad Men, dry martinis, Modernism and Helvetica.

This new and unique gin tasting evening will run for two dates only.

No prior knowledge of (or interest in) type or design is necessary (over 18s only).

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Wine, Type & Culture:
A Wine Tasting with a Difference

* Two nights only *
Laithwaite’s Arch, Borough Market
Hosted by Sarah Hyndman and Grant Hedley
7.00pm to 9.30pm, £40
Weds 19th September
Tues 25th September (block booked as a private event)

“Brilliant”, “Sublime and crazy tall tales from the past”, “Wonderful evening”, “A roaring success”.

We are disrupting the traditional wine tasting format to create an immersive experience of storytelling and discovery. Games and activities will challenge your assumptions and tease your senses, all delivered with a dash of theatre. The experience is enriched with a sequence of superb wines, each of which has been chosen to amplify a key moment in the narrative like the dramatic soundtrack in a movie.

Find out how the tumultuous, sometimes dark and dystopian, history of printing has shaped the language we use and the world we live in today.

Expect the unexpected.

No prior knowledge of (or interest in) type or design is necessary (over 18s only).

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Private and corporate bookings
This can be booked for a private event, either with or without gin/wine. It is an interactive and experiential journey through the history of printing, as you discover how many of the themes from history are still so relevant today. Get in touch.

Exciting immersive events that break all the rules of a traditional tasting. "Sublime and crazy tales from the past" come to life in a series of games and activities that will challenge your assumptions and shed a whole new light on what is right before your very eyes.

Why Fonts Matter author Sarah Hyndman guides you through a multisensory tasting through time, type and libation. Savour a selection of delicious beverages that intensify each stage of the journey, in a tasting evening like no other.

Type Tasting at the London Design Festival 2018
Four nights only!

These are brand new tasting evenings following the sell-out success of the Wine & Type Tastings at the festival in 2016, with activities and games throughout. No prior knowledge is necessary (over 18s only).

Listen to Sarah Hyndman on BBC Radio 4’s Word of Mouth, watch her TEDx talk, read ‘Why Fonts Matter’, download the ‘jellybean’ scientific study.

Type Tastings featured in the press

Type Tasting Pop-up Typography Lab
Typographic Interventions project

Interactive experiments with fonts
Location: Flat Iron Square
Saturday 15th September
11am to 5pm
Free to all, drop in

Take part in experiments designed to entertain and inform as you take part in them, which explore the potential for design to create positive behaviour change. This is intended as a conversation starter about the language of enticement vs the voice of authority or guilt, which Sarah will talk about at the Museum of Brands in October.