Gin & Type Tasting

Gin & Type Tasting:
The story of fonts, civilisation & gin

Gin tasting evening
London Design Festival, Bankside Design District

One of two new and unique Type Tasting experiences that have been created for the London Design Festival that will immerse you in a multisensory tasting journey through time, type and libation. 

Location: Flat Iron Square
Sat 22nd September
7.00/7.30pm to 9.30pm
Booking essential (details coming soon)


What do the fonts on a label tell you about the history or provenance of a drink? How does this create anticipation, influence your expectations, and even alter what you taste?

This is a multisensory tasting with five delicious gins, each carefully selected to pair with significant shared moments in type and gin history. The evening is hosted by Sarah Hyndman.

Looking at the development of gin and typography together reveal a great deal about social history. Their stories are intertwined; from their early Dutch influences, London becoming a major centre for gin and type foundries, international influences through trade and travel, to today’s new nostalgia.

Take part in multisensory activities, demonstrations and activities that will bring each stage in the story to life, and make it a memorable journey of discovery.

Typefaces/fonts are not just visual; they inform your choices; trigger memories; convey sound; are tactile; can smell of roses or coffee; and you know at a glance whether they might be sweet, bitter or sour.

Find out about Sarah’s research into multisensory typography including her collaborations with Professor Charles Spence from the University of Oxford. Learn about the science of taste and the senses; how design can influence what you drink; and ultimately whether the packaging is just there to inform you, or can it transform your experience?

No prior knowledge of (or interest in) type or design is necessary (over 18s only).

Book your ticket (details coming soon)