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What's Your Type? Learn about typography at the London Design Festival

Exciting workshops were created for the London Design Festival in 2016, which took place in the wonderful tasting room at Bedales in Borough Market.

“Fantastic; thought provoking, and what’s more — fun!” Dan

“I had never understood why people hold such a passion for typography. Now I see why!” Jessica

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Participants discovered how to choose fonts with confidence in an intensive and fun one-hour workshop. They took part in experiments as they created their own set of tasting notes based on latest research results. Participants became a part of the discovery process as they proved that a typeface can transform the meaning of your words—that it’s not just what we say it’s the way that we say it.

Learning outcomes

• Learn a proven process for choosing a typeface.
• Find out why different fonts are suitable for different occasions.
• Understand how a font can look cheap, expensive, calm, angry or even alter your experiences.
• Create your own tasting notes to refer to when choosing fonts.
• Take home a certificate, spot prizes and a type sampler.

“Taught me to think more about the impact of font choice on the consumer” Lee

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During the workshop participants explored how their choice of typeface combines with the words to convey additional meaning. Are some typefaces associated with cheaper and more expensive products? Which type styles suggest an activity might be easier or harder to do? Can the choice of typeface convey that an article is better researched?

Throughout the workshop participants created their own set of tasting notes to refer to in future to enable them to choose type with confidence.

“Illuminating morning learning about personalities of type” Rosie

“Thanks for a Fantastic workshop! Helvetica #typeselfie was pretty accurate” Alex

Tasting notes

“Left me more confident in my awareness of typography and it’s vast importance within design. It was fun and an incredibly thought provoking session with an excellent variety of group activities to consider how typography can correlate to our different senses, whether we are conscious of it or not. I am continuing to refer back to my tasting notes. It has opened my eyes to typography and was a fantastic experience” Chantelle

skill or easy?

This workshop took place at the London Design Festival in 2016, get in touch if you would like to commission a session for your group or organisation.