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Design thinking with typography

Duration: Full-day, two days
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Flex your team’s design thinking abilities as they investigate the psychology of typography; discover its multi sensory properties; explore the user experience and understand its role as an essential design tool. This workshop combines a design thinking challenge, with hands-on typographic explorations, lashings of theory, and latest thinking in type perception for your team to take back to their desks. 

Sketching & idea generation
During a Type Tasting workshop participants are encouraged to draw type and sketch ideas on paper. It has been proven in fMRI studies that there is a strong connection between hand writing and idea generation, and that information becomes more memorable when more than one sense is triggered. Interacting with paper engages more of the senses; this involves more emotions and the information is more internalised, which leads to more reasoned decisions.



Learning outcomes

A fast paced session away from the computer, experimenting with design thinking through typography. 

Understand how the psychology of the user/type consumer experience of typography can inform design solutions. 

Incorporate typeface personality profile data for a people-based marketing approach.

Gain a greater awareness of using type to emotionally engage with the audience. 

Broaden your vocabulary of type styles and combinations. 

Refresh your sketching and creative idea generation skills.

Demistify the language of typography by adopting visceral descriptions from the type consumer vocabulary. 

Enjoy a fun session that energises the
team and leaves them feeling inspired
about typography.

“I learned to push the boundaries and really experiment” AVIONNE, DESIGNER, D&AD WORKSHOP.

“Opened my mind to using different fonts, and their potential to evoke a reaction”

“I’ll think more about my font choice and its impact on consumers” CHARLIE, GRAPHIC DESIGNER, JML.

“Surprised how quickly I can explore design ideas by sketching” DANIEL, UX DESIGNER, AUTOTRADER.