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Nudging positive behaviour change


Alongside running workshops and events, Type Tasting allocates an amount of time to exploring ideas that we think might create positive change. These are self-funded projects, giving us the impartiality to investigate the ideas we think might make a difference, without the pressure of answering to a client or with restrictive parameters. These projects are also used to show students that their role as designers goes beyond the client brief and that they can use design to make the world a better place.

Type Tasting explorations into using type to nudge positive behaviour change has been featured by both The Times and i Newspaper.

Explorations into using visual language to encourage healthier eating through enticement and not guilt will continue in 2018, culminating in a talk and event at the Museum of Brands, London, in October. Sign up to the mailing list for news.

By booking a Type Tasting workshop, event or talk you are helping to support this research.

This is the final prize giveaway and we're delighted that it includes a pair of tickets to the wonderful Museum of Brands, an amazing cornucopia of packaging through history that reveals the story of consumer culture.

You will also win a set of 'font fortunes' and a signed copies of both Why Fonts Matter along with its first very limited edition The Type Taster by Sarah Hyndman.

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25th October: Type Tasting talk and experiment at the Museum of Brands, London.

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