The secret language hidden in plain sight

Mainstream audience

We live in an era where we are surrounded by fonts and we interact with them almost constantly. Their shapes and styles convey exciting stories, keep us safe, and have a profound influence on our experiences. They prime our expectations, appeal to our tastes or values and reflect the fashions of the day. Yet fonts are hidden in plain sight, like the air we breathe, because reading is a task we perform subconsciously.

Sarah specialises in making fonts exciting and fun for a mainstream audience and she will give you insights into the ‘secret’ language of fonts. She is a regular on radio and television, her TEDx talk has received over 55K views, and her first book Why Fonts Matter is an entertaining and colourful book written for all, which looks at how fonts narrate our everyday experiences, document cultural tastes, how they influence our experiences and that this can be used for good!

This is an interactive talk packed with originality, humour, a dash of theatre and lashings of audience participation.

Sarah Hyndman

Audience wearing ‘font goggles’, photo by Viv Cherry