Published research

Planned for 2019: A series of books featuring the results of Type Tasting research, topics ranging from typographic synaesthesia to semiotic equations for choosing fonts, currently applying for funding—you can play a vital role in making this happen, find out more and sign up here.

International Journal of Gastronomy and Food Science, January 2018
The role of typeface curvilinearity on taste expectations and perception by Carlos Velasco, Sarah Hyndman (Type Tasting), Charles Spence (University of Oxford)

The Times, May 2017
Using right fonts on labels could tackle obesity

i Newspaper, April 2017
Just your type: Can the science behind the subconscious influences of different fonts be harnessed to make us think and eat differently? Read the extended online version

It's Nice That, April 2017
“Type alters what you smell” and other insights from Sarah Hyndman’s latest type-based research

Communication Arts, March/April 2016
Just Your Type by Sarah Hyndman

It’s Nice That, January 2016
Why Fonts Matter, and how they impact your mood
(One of the most read articles of the year)

Why Fonts Matter by Sarah Hyndman, Penguin/Random House (2016)

i-Perception, August 2015
The Taste of Typeface Design by Carlos Velasco, Andy T. Woods, Sarah Hyndman (Type Tasting), Charles Spence (University of Oxford)

AIGA Eye on Design, October 2015
The World’s Most Expensive-looking Font Might Surprise You Madeleine Morley

University of the Arts, London, June 2001
Eat your Words: Food as a System of Communication MA thesis by Sarah Hyndman

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