Type Tasting psychology of typography

Type Tasting is an innovative type studio founded by Sarah Hyndman, author of Why Fonts Matter, who delivers unique and entertaining events, talks and typography workshops. From newcomers to experts, she teaches audiences to communicate better and understand the psychology of type through interactive and revelatory experiences with all of the senses. Her mission is to inspire everyone by showing that type is exciting beyond the design studio.

Type Tasting talks


Entertaining talks with audience participation.

Type Tasting workshops


Activity-packed workshops and masterclasses.

Type Tasting events


Innovative events, tastings and experiences.

Type Tasting installations


Interactive and multisensory installations.



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Type Tasting Case Study: British Academy installation and Lates

Case study

Pride, Prejudice & Perceptions at the British Academy, a collaboration with AVM Curiosities.

Type Tasting Case Study: D&AD Festival masterclass

Case study

A masterclass with games and experiments for the D&AD Festival at Shoreditch House.

Type Tasting Case Study: Glug Birmingham talk

Case study

Interactive talk and laughter on the theme of ‘Personality Types’ at Glug Birmingham.



Case studies