Sarah Hyndman is a regular public speaker. She delivers entertaining talks for general interest audiences, or specialist talks for the communications industries. Previous speaking gigs include Creative Mornings, Design Thinkers Toronto, Glug, South by Southwest (SxSW), TEDx, Typo SF and the V&A. She is a BBC Radio 4 regular and the type expert for Channel 4's Sunday Brunch.

For the full list of speaking gigs visit Sarah's speaker sheet.

Glug Birmingham Photo by Jonathan Cherry

* Curiosity *

The magical power of fonts (new)
Entertaining pre- or after-dinner talk for a general interest audience

Sarah Hyndman gives insights into the 'secret' messages hidden in words in a participatory and entertaining way. She invites the audience to take part in fun games and demonstrations that expose the magical power of fonts: how they 'whisper' to you and influence your choices, how they turn words into stories, and just how much they reveal about you. 

This talk is fun and no prior knowledge of (or interest in) fonts is necessary. It is delivered with originality, humour, a dash of theatre, a spot of 1970s game show unpredictability and lashings of audience participation. This is a new talk that takes the most popular and fun elements from Sarah's specialist talks and repackages them in an entertaining way to surprise and delight a general interest audience.

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* Perception *

Perception, influence and multisensory typography
Talks created for the creative and communications industries; Type Tasting knowledge is tailored to the audience and the key theme for an event

Sarah Hyndman researches our psychological responses to different typefaces, and is building up comprehensive research-based type personality profiles. She will share the results of her studies with you, and demonstrate how you can use this knowledge to connect with your audience. 

Sarah can demonstrate that typefaces interact with all of our senses and one of Sarah's areas of expertise is multi-sensory typography. She works on collaborative studies with Charles Spence of the Experimental Psychology Department at the University of Oxford. She has delivered talks on this topic for Creative Mornings, the International Fragrance Association and Letterform Live. This can be combined with a tasting option at the end of a talk. 

Add-on games and experiments
Participating in pre-talk experiments creates a fun and interactive social session for your guests, who will enjoy comparing their answers to established research results during the talk.

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* Trends *

Fantastical time travelling journey through type
Interactive talk for a general interest or specialist audience

This is an immersive and multi-sensory journey through type; from distant history through to future trends. Embark on a trip through specific moments in time that reveal how culture and society are preserved in the DNA of visual language. Buckle up for an immersive tour through time and type tracking this feat of human ingenuity as it ignites revolutions, triggers transformations and empowers empires. See how the invention that begins as a hacked wine press triggers a revolution that changes the world.

This is a brief history of human communication and no prior knowledge of (or interest in) fonts is necessary. Storytelling devices that proved so popular on the Type Safari tours have been developed for this talk format, which is brought to life with tastings, games and challenges*. 

Add-on creative activities
Creative drawing and letterform explorations can be included as part of the session to give participants a hands-on opportunity to engage in the discovery process.

*Props, activities and tasting samples are created to suit your budget and the size of the audience.

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Photos by Jonathan Cherry, J. Aden Higgs, Viv Cherry, event images by David Owens, portrait of Sarah by Ivan Jones.