This is not a font

This is not a font*
Typefaces as cultural codes & how they impact mood

New inspiration and curiosity sessions for the whole team

*It’s an idea, a smell, a song, a memory, a personality, a warning, a taste, an emotion, a seduction.

Discover how the voice of your brand or product impacts your revenue by adding meaning, telling your story and communicating your values. But this is no typography lecture — it’s a fun, interactive and highly informative session in which you’ll find out how to better communicate directly with the subconscious, which is where most purchase decisions are made. Find out how this can give you a competitive edge in a minimalist design environment, and how to ensure that the voice of your brand or product remains relevant as cultural values change.

Previous inspiration sessions have been created for 1HQ, Adobe, adidas, BBC, BumbleBizz, Interbrand, McCann Health, Red Bull, Virgin Active and WGSN.

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Decoding type
Decoding type