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Each image links to a different experiment, please take part in as many as you wish.

Each survey is part of a series of explorations on a topic and is cross-referenced to give context to the results and to shed light on the patterns and nuances that emerge. These include multiple surveys along with face-to-face discussions at live events with the Pop-up Typography Lab. Some are initial proof-of-concept explorations, while others are intended to gather information to fine-tune findings.


How is the research used?

Type Tasting research is independent and self-funded. This means the results can be shared in the public domain, not hidden behind in a non-disclosure agreement (which is the norm when working with a commercial brand). It also means that Sarah can set the agenda and research any topic she thinks will be useful, ask challenging questions, and create experiments without worrying that they might fail. (In the event that Sarah is commissioned to undertake research for an organisation, this is made very clear at the outset of an experiment.)


Planned in 2019: A series of books featuring the results of Type Tasting research, topics ranging from typographic synaesthesia to semiotic equations for choosing fonts. You can play a vital role in making this happen, find out more and sign up here.

Your data

All of the surveys are anonymous; you will be asked for a little general information to help interpret the results, but no personal identifying information is requested or gathered. Read about privacy and your data.

Intellectual property

Sarah Hyndman retains the intellectual property rights to all Type Tasting experiments and data published. Please respect this and do not reproduce the work without her permission.