Type Tasting's Sarah Hyndman on Sunday Brunch

Why is Type Tasting unique?

The language found on packaging, advertising and used in popular culture informs and influences our experiences, and documents trends in social history.

Taking typography as the starting point provides clues that reveal patterns in our social and cultural experiences. Combining these with an understanding of psychology and crossmodal thinking, enables us to create events that immerse participants in a journey of surprise and discovery through language and all the senses.

Ongoing research into type and perception underpins the Type Tasting approach, ensuring that content is current and unique.

Language is universal
Visual language is a form of non-verbal communication, which is just as important as the words themselves. We all understand this language instinctively, and have been learning to interpret it all of our lives.

Design for change
Design can create positive change; from the responsibility of the graphic designer to be curious and ask questions, to innovative research into nudging positive eating behaviour using visual seasoning and appropriating the language of seduction instead of guilt.

Type Tasting research
Research is conducted in the Type Tasting Lab, via online surveys and at events. Sarah Hyndman works on collaborative studies with Professor Charles Spence, Crossmodal Research Laboratory, University of Oxford.

Research has been published by The Times, AIGA, i-Perception, Communication Arts, University of the Arts, and the International Journal of Gastronomy and Food Science.

Read more about Type Tasting research.

Research areas include:
Typeface personalities / mood / energy / cost and luxury / gender / skill / easy-to-do / taste (sweet, sour, bitter) / enhancing perception / coffee / smell and type pairing / kiki and bouba / jellybeans / healthy vs unhealthy / nudging positive behaviour change

Image: Channel 4's Sunday Brunch