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Fonts Decoded
How to power your brand

An interactive session where 1HQ set the scene on how brands communicate through design and highlight the new emergent brands that are increasingly focused on type. 1HQ Director of Brand and Innovation Strategy, Amelia Boothman, will be joined by guest speaker Sarah Hyndman, author of ‘Why Fonts Matter’. We’ll work across a series of FMCG categories with real life examples. Come away fully versed in how type can be used to create meaningful stories and code different emotions for your brand.

You will learn

• A simple model of how brands create differentiation
• How many emergent brands are using type in different ways
• How your choices of fonts in different categories show your personality type
• How different fonts can code caring, confidence and other key brand tones of voice
• Participate in ongoing research in key categories
• Practical tips you can start applying right away

26th March: Dalston
27th March: Windsor


18:00-18:30 Welcome drinks
18:30-19:45 Interactive Masterclass
19:45-20:15 Q&A discussion
20:15-20:45 Drinks and networking

About Amelia Boothman

Amelia Boothman is the Director of Strategy for the global brand agency 1HQ.  She has a wealth of experience in creating meaningful brand stories for brands using trends, research and semiotic platforms.  Whether it’s working with existing brands or creating new ones, Amelia has lots of engaging case stories to evidence the need for brands to look to the instinctive Systems 1 coding rather than more rational points of difference typified by Systems 2 thinking.

About Sarah Hyndman

Sarah Hyndman investigates typefaces as visual codes; how they document cultural tastes and create meaning. She is the author of ‘Why Fonts Matter’, a TEDx speaker, a regular on BBC Radio 4 and a judge for both D&AD and Penguin awards. She runs workshops for a range of high profile organisations and has had two studies published in collaboration with Professor Charles Spence of the Crossmodal Research Laboratory at the University of Oxford.

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Topics include Experiments with type perception design and communications audiences / Brand storytelling for startups entrepreneurs and startups / Fonts for influencers social media gurus / The secret language hidden in plain sight mainstream audiences.


Perception, storytelling and decoding type


• For all
• Design industries

Harness the power of storytelling and learn how to decode fonts to optimise your brand story.

Investigate psychology and type perception in an activity-packed session away from the computer designed to help you tell the story of your brand or product. Learn about theories with access to Type Tasting research not yet published. Discover how your own experiences influence the choices you make, and understand how you can use this knowledge to better connect with and motivate your audience. Games, experiments, challenges and hands-on typographic explorations bring theories to life and invite you to become a part of the discovery process.

• 1 hour interactive lunchtime taster
• 2.5/3 hour evening social session
• Half-day workshop
• Full-day workshop

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Pop up typography lab


What might fonts smell like? What memories do they store? Are these collective memories or personal associations? The pop-up lab features a range of experiments that are designed to gather data, and also to encourage you to think differently about typefaces and perception as you take part in them.

• As a fun mass particiption activity at an event or conference.

• Experiments can be combined with a Q&A style session with Sarah who will explain more about the experiments and the results.

• As an ice-breaker and pre-project R&D session with clients, for which experiments are designed to gather background information for your new project.

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Multisensory type


• For all
• Design industries

This is an an immersive and multi-sensory journey through type. You will discover how multi-sensory stimuli can inspire your creative thinking and idea generation, from sound to smell. You will explore how harnessing the senses can trigger nostalgia and make emotional connections with an audience, making a brand or product more memorable.

Games, experiments, challenges and hands-on typographic explorations bring theories to life and invite you to become a part of the discovery process.

“Tasting, smelling, listening to and even saying type! Mind blowing workshop” “So interesting, so brilliantly delivered and such a clever structure.”

• 1 hour interactive lunchtime taster
• 2.5/3 hour evening social session
• Half-day workshop
• Full-day workshop

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Type Tasting x Better Letters present:

How sign writing shaped typography. This is a new workshop created exclusively for Better Letters.

Take a creative tour through the history of letterforms and discover how the sign writer’s brush has profoundly influenced the development of typefaces in Europe and North America.

You’ll use a selection of mark-making tools including charcoal, pens, pencils and poster paints in your exploration of letterforms (you’re welcome to bring your favourite pens and brushes). This is not a sign writing technique workshop; but it is an ideal companion because it teaches you theory to complement the skill.

Public workshop Saturday 23rd March
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Font Selfie Machine photo by Nicole Gordon.


Workshops / teaching

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Workshops and teaching

Today typography is the interface between consumer and what is consumed. It is at the intersection of anticipation and experience, yet we generally pay little attention to it. Instead, we look past it to the experience it describes, unaware of the assumptions we have formed and the choices we have made based on the look of the words.

Having a better understanding of this empowers brands to communicate more effectively, gives us tools to create positive behaviour change, and enables us all to make better-informed choices.

Combining type and semiotics with new ideas in science and design underpins Sarah’s approach. She creates exciting and original workshops and events that reveal the power of typography, highlight the language of social culture or tell the story of a brand.

“Absolutely amazing! Lots of activities to figure things out for ourselves. Very interactive, loved the visual elements and the games” adidas / “Brilliantly delivered and such a clever structure that engaged us all” D&AD / “Wasn’t sure how relevant a session on fonts would be to me. BUT I was so wrong!” WGSN

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Upcoming workshops

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