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Type & Perception

Type & Perception workshop
Type & Perception workshop

Investigate psychology and type perception in an activity-packed session away from the computer. Learn about new theories with access to Type Tasting research not yet published, and understand how you can use this knowledge to better connect with and motivate your audience.

Exploring type perception and psychology from the type consumer’s point of view provides a greater understanding of the user experience of typography, supported by insights and theory for your to incorporate into your work.

Take part in games, experiments, challenges and hands-on typographic explorations that bring the theories to life and invite you to be a part of the discovery process.

Sarah will introduce the concept of creating typographic interventions to effect positive change. You will explore the semiotics of visual language, and find out how the importance of congruency was demonstrated by a ‘failed’ experiment.

Apply research-based methodologies to selecting and combining typefaces, using a process that is based on typeface profiling results and theories from behavioral psychology.

Sarah presents aspects of multisensory typography and demonstrates that typefaces interact with all of our senses. You may also discuss current and future trends in typography, and how you might incorporate these into your work.

In short, you will broaden your typographic vocabulary and empower yourself to make confident type choices proven to connect with your audience.

The content varies depending on the length of the session; from a short and entertaining taster, to longer teambuilding workshops that gives you the time to examine the topics in-depth.

“Brilliantly delivered and such a clever structure. My D&AD festival highlight” Ruth Yearley, Director, Ketchum

“Tasting, smelling, listening to type #mindblown” Micklegate Design

• 1 hour lunchtime taster
• 2/2.5 hours
• Half-day workshop
• Full-day workshop

Workshop content is tailored to the requirements of participants.

Suitable for
• All communications teams
• Graphic design teams
• In-house design and communications teams
• The curious, no experience necessary

Workshop clients
adidas, Autotrader, BBC, BumbleBizz, D&AD, Ecole Intuit Lab Mumbai, Grafia Finland, Interbrand, JML, Monotype, Save the Children, Springetts, Virgin Active, Wellcome, WGSN.

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Type & Perception workshop
Type & Perception workshop

Photos by David Owens and Benjamin Glean.