Fantastical time travelling type safari

Fantastical time travelling type safari

For the creatively curious and typographically inquisitive. Find yourself immersed in a hands-on session crammed with storytelling and discovery as you sketch your way through the surprising and sometimes dystopian history of type. Games and activities will challenge your assumptions and tease your senses, all delivered with a dash of theatre.

Expect the unexpected.

Fantastical time travelling type safari

This is an immersive and multi-sensory journey through time, type and semiotics; from past history through to future trends with “Sublime and crazy tall tales from the past”. Find out how the history of printing has shaped the language we use and the world we live in today.

Printed type is an amazing feat of human ingenuity, in Europe it began as a hacked wine press and went on to ignite revolutions, empower empires, and trigger changes that have transformed our world.

Sarah is your tour guide for this hands-on and interactive journey through pop culture, technological innovations, and social history. She will show you how echoes of culture and society are preserved in the DNA of visual language.

Take part in activities, tastings and experiments designed to bring key eras to life, shedding light on the typefaces that narrated them.

Discover how printed type reflects the zeitgeist; the defining spirit or mood of a period in history is absorbed into the type styles that become popular, in a similar way to fashion or architecture. The resurgence of these styles at a later date reveal trends that give insight into cultural attitudes and social change.

Roll your sleeves up for typographic life drawing. Get hands-on exploring letterforms using different mark making mediums as you discover how tools and technology have shaped their form, and how this can demystify traditional type classification systems.

Fantastical time travelling type safari
Fantastical time travelling type safari

“Your workshop really opened my mind and impacted me in a powerful way! I’ve even secured an internship with a type foundry” Leo, student.

“The history of type was made, for the first time ever, interesting to teenagers” Shruti, student.

Suitable for
All communications teams
Graphic designers
The curious: no prior knowledge of (or interest in) fonts is necessary

Workshop clients
1HQ, adidas, Autotrader, BBC, BumbleBizz, California Polytechnic, D&AD, Ecole Intuit Lab Mumbai, Grafia Finland, Interbrand, JML, Monotype, Portland State University, RMIT Melbourne, Save the Children, Springetts, Virgin Active, Wellcome, WGSN.

Typographic Time Travel workshop

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Fantastical time travelling type safari